A little about Chillwines

We import, distribute and sell bloody good wines..! 

We are friends who for many years have loved good food, good company and of course great wine. We have both been lucky enough to have visited friends and family in South Africa over a number of decades. It always surprised us that the wines we drank and enjoyed, the wines we were encouraged to try and experience were always wines of very good quality. It was great that family and friends knew the kind of wines that we liked but that they also knew of different wines from estates that were not well known which made different varietals that were also such a treat and rarely were we treated to a bottle that we had to throw into the flower bed due to it not being enjoyed or appreciated. We tried as many varietals as we possibly could, some of which were to our liking and some that were not but that's the beauty of wines, it's all about personal taste and choice.

It was always great fun visiting various wine estates and to experience tasting great wines from well-known estates but also tasting great wines from small lesser known estates. Then it was cold climate wines and wines that were from an area where 'experts' said they could never make wine, every experience was an eye opener for us and all part of learning about different regions and what varietals did better in those regions. We were very fortunate to be introduced to several winemakers and questions regarding quality and brand awareness of South African wines in the UK invariably came into the conversation.

It was always in the back of our minds that South African wines in the UK are generally regarded as cheap and cheerful(thankfully this perception is changing), always the wines you find with some gimmicky name that were "on special" in the local supermarket.

On one of our visits to South Africa and after probably way too many glasses of wine we were chatting and said that it's a shame the country's wines are perceived in the wrong light in the UK. We joked that we should try and import the wines we like, the wines we know are great quality and introduce them to the market so people can hopefully appreciate them and enjoy them like we do. This was how the company came into being. 

It was and is our aim to source and import South African wines that we love to drink. We wanted to sell wines that we enjoy, the wines we appreciate and hoped others would as well. Wines that we feel are great value, great quality and that are maybe a little different to what people expect. In our opinion, it's not about estates that may be famous or well known but it's all about the wines, wines that offer quality and value and wines that we believe customers will enjoy and love to drink time and time again. It's estates that owners have a passion for their wines and we relate to that very much.

Wine is a subject that always stirs emotions, fierce debate and in some instances heated arguments. We tend to get told way to often what we should like and what we should be drinking. When it comes to wines, what one of us likes doesn't necessarily mean the other would like, but again it's not about being told what you should or shouldn't enjoy. It's subjective and personal yet it only ever comes down to personal choice.

What wine you enjoy is entirely down to you, it's your taste and your preference and for far to long people believe so-called wine experts who tell us we can only drink white wine with fish, you cannot drink a red wine without red meat, well we think that's rubbish, if you like a wine with your cornflakes red or white then good for you. We are just going to try and make sure the wines we represent are wines made with passion and with a love of the grape and that in our opinion comes across in all great wines. One of us is now fortunate enough to be living permanently in South Africa. This means we can spend lots of time searching for hidden gems and estates that offer that something special. We believe it's easier to grow working relationships and partnerships with estates that you visit often and to appreciate how they work and how they also want their wines portrayed in the marketplace and all in the name of sipping wines to offer our customers is the added bonus. We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we do.