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A little about Chillwines


Red Grapes

We are a few friends who, for many years, have loved good food, good company and naturally, great wine too. What started as us helping our friends acquire great South African wines in the UK has turned into what you see today on Chillwines.

We have been fortunate enough to have visited friends and family in South Africa over several decades and from our first visit, it became clear we were experiencing wines of superb quality and value. From large established wine estates to smaller independent family-owned farms we've explored the South African landscape to find the perfect wines.

Wine farmers on the tractor collecting a harvest

It is always great fun visiting the wine estates in South Africa and learning more about them. The history and culture of their wines are an essential part of our process when finding suitable estates. We have learnt about the different regions and what varietals do better in these regions. We've seen cold climate wines or wines that were from areas where 'experts' said they could never make wine and watched them flourish into premium wines. Each experience has been eye-opening and we are humbled by the relationships we have forged with winemakers and thought-leaders in the industry.

The grapes of wrath at Overgaauw

Wine choices may be uniquely personal, yet the universal truth is they are meant to be savoured, enjoyed and, equally importantly, appreciated. We aim to source and import only wines that stack up to this truth and that we love to drink. Wines we appreciate and hope others would do as well. Wines that we believe are of great value, quality and are somewhat different to traditional expectations.

Watering the vineyards

We believe great wines do not only come from well-established estates but from winemakers, big or small, who care about quality and value and who have a passion for making their wines. Without passion brilliance is unattainable, and in winemaking, arguably, nothing could be more important.

One of us is now fortunate enough to be living permanently in South Africa. It means we spend all our available time searching for hidden gems and estates that offer something unique and special. We focus on growing our working relationships and partnerships with estates by visiting them often. This appreciation for how they work and how they want their wines portrayed allows us to bring you bloody good wines. We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we do.