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Premium South African wines

The South African wine estates we represent are carefully selected to showcase their unique and exquisite wines. Along with our personalised customer experience, we offer you the very best value, quality and variety for your drinking pleasure.

The Covid years caused unprecedented difficulties for everyone involved in the wine industry in South Africa. Winemakers were subjected to bans on alcohol sales both locally and on exports of their products globally by the government. This had a detrimental impact on wine estates with a considerable number going out of business, being put up for sale, or having to resort to bulk sales in order to survive.

Thankfully optimism has returned and the World of wine can once again taste the quality wines being produced in South Africa.

Our focus is to offer you continuity of wines and varietals from estates that not only add value to our portfolio but also guarantee supplies, even in the toughest of conditions. We are excited that within the next few months we will be representing several new estates which we believe will enhance our portfolio of wines even further with diverse, unique quality-driven wines.

This has also opened up an opportunity for us to make bespoke wines for corporate and trade customers as well as the possibility of joint ventures with some of our winemakers. Get in touch with us to find out more.