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The Wine Club
The Wine Club

The Wine Club


Welcome to the Chillwines Wine Club. Exceptional quality wines is the focus of Chillwines and our recommended cases of wines ​provide you with an opportunity to sample and enjoy a mix of ​carefully selected premium wines from our portfolio.

Joining the Club is as simple as purchasing this product.

Choose from either:

  • six premium reds: Overgaauw Merlot, 3x 2013 & 3x 2016

or two mixed case options :

  • 3x Doran Chenin Reserve 2018 & 3x Doran Romy D 2018
  • 3x Overgaauw Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 & 3x Overgaauw Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Each case contains one highly desirable bottle from our exclusive Rare & Vintage collection.

As a member of the Club you will also receive a unique discount code, valid for two months, which can be applied to all the wines in stock on our website.

Select your Varietal option below, click Add to Cart, then proceed to checkout to start enjoying the benefits of the Wine Club.

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